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Ines Beyer
Ines Beyer

Creato: 15.04.2021 15:50 - Aggiornato: 15.04.2021 15:50

Thanks to the ShareHub module integrated in PaperOffice, you can easily and securely send your documents from PaperOffice password-protected to your contacts with Outlook.

The process is very simple.

To do this, first select one or more documents in the document list that you want to send.

Now click on the menu item in the right-hand bar, which is marked with an Outlook symbol.

ShareHub button

ShareHub window opens.
Thanks to ShareHub, you can send password-protected documents to your contacts stored in PaperOffice.

How to manage your contacts in PaperOffice and store user-defined passwords for ShareHub is already described in detail in a separate HelpDesk entry.

As you can see, the last selected contacts or recipients are displayed in the upper area.

ShareHub window

These can be easily selected by clicking with the left mouse button, so that the email address stored in the contact management is entered in the following bar.

You can also click directly in the selection list and select one or more contacts.

Please note that when using ShareHub, an email address should be stored for contact. This can be a private or business email address, it doesn't matter. Both are given. Business email addresses are marked with a truck symbol.

Provide with a password

In the lower area of the ShareHub window you can see that the document that should be sent can be given an additional password. This is an optional information. However, you can also send the document without a password.

If a password has been stored for the selected contact in your contact management, this is automatically entered here when the contact is selected and is requested by him later when the document is opened.

If, however, you want to assign a different password to the document or select several contacts which contain different passwords but you want to specify a uniform one for sending, you can enter it manually in this field.

Make sure you have ticked the box and enter any password in the field.

Generate ShareHub password

You can also generate a secure password by clicking on the symbol on the right. A new password is generated with each subsequent click.

After everything has been filled in, all you have to do is click on "Pass to Outlook".

The Outlook symbol is already flashing and signals that a new email has been created.

Now we just have to click on "Send".

In this way, the document is only opened and the recipient can only see it if the previously saved password is entered in the required field.

This is how securely sending documents by email from PaperOffice can be done.

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