Configurazione del database, backup ed esportazione

Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez

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With PaperOffice, backing up, exporting and restoring your data is easy and user-friendly.

To make the settings for automated backup or bulk export in PaperOffice, select the settings and then the "Database, Backup and Export". Please note that this backup will NOT be performed for files and folders which are read into "My Windows Documents" and "Common Windows documents".

1- Click mass export

PaperOffice can export your entire data along with the associated folder structure with just one click at any time if you no longer want to use PaperOffice, need the documents unencrypted, or just want the good feeling of being independent.

Select the option "Export entire folder structure" if you only want to import your folder structure, without the documents. In the next step, select the directory where the folder structure should be exported, confirm the selection.

This is how the entire folder structure is exported.

If you want to export your folder structure along with its contents, click on "Export entire folder structure and documents". In the next step, select the directory where the folder structure with files should be exported, confirm the selection. In the next step, the entire folder structure and content will be exported.

1 Click Mass Export

Data backup

PaperOffice organizes all data backups fully automatically for the last 10 days.

In the backup area, enter the default backup directory and select the number of days to be backed up automatically. PaperOffice will always create one current backup per day for the number of days specified, deleting backups older than the number you specify.

If you do not enter the number of days, the default is to back up every last 10 days.

Save your changes

When PaperOffice exits...

You can set what should happen when PaperOffice is terminated.

Set that backup should be suggested by putting a check mark next to "Suggest backup", so when you exit PaperOffice you will be asked if a backup should be done and when the last backup was done.

Perform PaperOffice data backup

It is also recommended to check the boxes next to "Optimize database", "Ensure database integrity", "Compress database" and "Ensure database consistency" to ensure optimal work.

In addition, you can manually optimize your database by checking the "Perform complete database maintenance manually now". The next step will be to optimize your database entries.

Perform database optimization

You can also have the text recognition of all your documents rebuilt by pressing "Intelligently create OCR text recognition".

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