Come si esegue una scansione batch con i fogli separatori di PaperOffice?

Ines Beyer
Ines Beyer

Creato: 03.07.2019 4:10 - Aggiornato: 12.01.2021 8:58

Open PaperOffice and press F5 to start the Scan process.

On the top right corner click on "Print separating page"

Print as many separating pages as you need depending on how many documents you want to scan.

Now place these separating pages in between your different documents and place the full stack in the ADF feeder of your scanner

1) Make sure the Scanner radio button is selected
2) Select your scanner
3) Select Automatic document feeder (ADF)
4) Select Documents color 300dpi
5) Start scanning

PaperOffice will now start scanning your documents, recognize the separating pages and will create the thumbnails for each page. Now click on "Split by separating pages"

PaperOffice separated each document and removed the separating pages

Click on "Save and finish".

Now you can choose the storage method. Select PIA if you want to edit and store each document properties individually, or Manual Storage if you want to store all documents at once in the current selected folder. In this case we select Manual Storage in already selected folder "My PaperOffice documents".

PaperOffice will now store the documents in the selected folder and perform a text recognition for each page.

Now you can edit the document properties of each document as needed.

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